Digital ProductPassport PLUS

The Digital ProductPassport PLUS

Our Digital ProductPassport PLUS package offers you as a manufacturer four solutions for your products and packaging behind just one code

  • Easy access to product information and digital services
  • Secure protection against counterfeiting and tampering
  • Track & Trace functions and gray market detection
  • In accordance with the future EU directive: Use as a digital product passport
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Individual, forgery-proof coding on the product

Our Digital ProductPassport PLUS Code enables you to mark each individual product individually, providing your customers with product-specific information and digital services while marking your products in a tamper-proof manner.

We can also link the solutions in our Digital ProductPassport PLUS package with your existing product codes.

Relevant product information directly "in the hand" of the customer

With our solution, you can provide your customers with all relevant product information simply by scanning it on their smartphone. For example, an upcoming EU directive requires manufacturers to provide sustainability information directly on the product.

With our Digital ProductPassport PLUS, you are prepared at an early stage and can already gain a head start in the market.

More information on the upcoming EU directive

Quick and easy access to attractive digital services

Our portfolio of digital services will inspire your customers by allowing them to quickly, easily and conveniently access the functions by scanning your product via their smartphone and offering your customers real added value for your product. For example:

  • Instructions
  • Spare parts and accessories catalog
  • Online warranty
  • Live support
  • Marketing campaigns
  • and much more.

Our package offers you a wide range of digital services to choose from. We can also access your existing services via the code.

New market transparency with alert function in the event of anomalies

As a manufacturer, you receive new market data directly from the product with every scan. Our solution records the incoming data, evaluates it and makes it available to you automatically at the touch of a button. The potential use cases of this solution range from track & trace functionalities to automated detection and alerting in the event of counterfeit products and grey market activities.

Seamless integration into your existing digital infrastructure

We integrate our solution into your existing infrastructure via interfaces. This applies to your internal systems and data sources such as ERP, PIM, CRM systems, etc., as well as to your outward-facing infrastructure such as websites, (web) apps, etc.

This makes our solutions very efficient, improves your internal processes and provides your customers with a functional, convenient and seamless product, brand and service experience.

Our full-service package

We offer you the full-service package for the Digital ProductPassport PLUS: from the codes to the hardware and software to the (web) app. We are your reliable partner for the implementation of the Digital ProductPass.

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